What’s the news?

After months of thorough work, our team is proud to announce we have reached the following conclusion: RecordingTheMasters is able to manufacture cassette tapes again.


The Fresh French cassette



Our story begins in May 2016. The global cassette consumption is increasing and magazines are talking about a 80% growth. In addition, artists and independent labels are releasing new albums on cassette tapes. What a great opportunity, we thought.


A lot of audiophiles, partners and friends asked our factory to develop compact cassettes as the former brands did in the past. We knew it would not be an easy journey. It did not matter, a lot of discussions and debates were engaged, and we finally decided to run the project. The main issues we have been through were difficulties to find raw materials, chemical formulas and people’s know-how.


The truth is that we were desperately searching something useless. We had everything we needed in front of us. What if we could use our most famous formulas to make brand new cassettes?


After having performed a variety of chemical tests and adjusted the formula, the SM900 gave unexpected results. We decided to run several batches to get the first samples to test and share to our potential partners.


.    C60 – Ferric Oxide tape (Type I)

.    Clear 5-screw tabs-in cassette

.    Recording time: 60min

.    Tape width: 3.81mm (+0.00/-0.05mm)

.    Tape length : 87.5m

.    Base film : Polyester

.    Base film thickness : 12 µm (+/-0.5 µm)

.    Coating thickness : 5 µm (+/-0.5 µm)

.    Total thickness: 17 µm (+/-1 µm)

.    Coercivity : 370 Oe

.    Saturation retentivity : 1500 G

.    Oxide: Fe2O3

Download the technical datasheet

Based on legendary SM900 formula.

Produced from 2018 onwards, made in France.

They talk about it

“The Fox C60 cassette tape shows good MOL values and very low bias noise for a standard ferric oxide Type I tape.  In terms of quality criteria, both measures indicate a good quality tape with strengths in the more difficult parameters for cassette tape production..”

– Terence O’Kelly, former Director of Professional Products at BASF –

“I have tested it and it performs well. Nice flat response, no oxide shedding on the pancake sample..”


“In a word: superb. In the past I would always use Dolby NR on Type 1 ferric, but there was no real need with the FOX C60. I was very surprised of the warmth and dynamics of the recording and playback. This is a very promising start and very much in line with the quality one expects from RecordingTheMasters.” 


“For a ferric tape, it really rocks! With a perfectly aligned machine and Dolby C it almost sounds like a CRO2” 

– Carlos, from SKETSOTERIC AUDIO –

Interview of Carlos Guzman, from SKETSOTERIC AUDIO,


Carlos Guzman about the Fox C60 on Part-Time Audiophile Mag

“I did some listening tests today and I have been very satisfied with the quality.” 


“This tape performs admirably. After testing it and comparing to an old good type I BASF I can say they are right: the new FOX performs as good as the BASF. The community couldn’t be happier with this new kid on the block.”


“The quality is amazing. You did a very good job.” 

– Franziska, from TAPES MUZIK –

“We have been testing it quite a lot and very much like it. Without any technical jargon we can say it exceeds most, if not all, the current ferric stocks we can get hold of in terms of sound quality.”

– Alan, from TAPELINE –

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