Our analog audio tapes are made in France, based on the original AGFA and BASF specifications, which have a proven track record in performance for over 30 years in the professional audio recording industry.

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Professional tapes

Analog audio tape SM900

Premium High Output Studio Tape


High Output Studio and Archive Tape


Standard Output Studio and Archive Tape

Long play tapes


Long Play Version of SM 900


Long Play Version of SM 911

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Where to get tapes?

RecordingTheMasters tapes are distributed worldwide by dealers. They are all professionals and experts on analog audio recording. Feel free to contact them according to your location.

Tape History & Stories

Since 1888, researchers, engineers, industrials, creative people have been working to record and playback the best audio quality and brought projects and products to professionals and consumers. Still today the aficionados of sound quality bring their stone to this monument.
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