Simpaty Record’s
Simpaty Record’s started on 11th February 1989 in just a 60 square metre shop and from the earliest days it has become a reference point for music fans and collectors. After a few years, part of the shop was dedicated to audio professional equipment.  On 18th March 2001  it relocated to a 200 square  metre shop  and  it has  worked   with important  foreign distributors  since.
Today, besides the retail shop, we also run an online store. As it is a real shop, you will be able to check what is available from the catalogue and equipment. Simpaty Record’s has over 25 years of experience in music retail.  We have been watching and following the transformation of analogue and digital music.
Nevertheless, we have always been keen appreciators of analogue, in particular of the magnetic registration and this is why we are distributors of tapes and accessories for tape recorders which are at present the best professional audio support.



June 8, 2016


Pre-recorded tapes, Recorders