Perforated audio tape is designed for sound recording in the film industry. RecordingTheMasters manufactures all major perforated audio tape references that are recognized worldwide and used in film industry and archive to duplicate deteriorating masters to new, high-reliability supports that can handle 1 to 4 or 6 audio tracks. We offer classic 16 mm, 17.5 mm and 35 mm perforated tapes, as well as blue, white and clear perforated leader tape. Depending on the references, we can offer T12, T14 and T44 coatings. To know more about available products, please refer to the table on the overleaf. RecordingTheMasters is proud„ to carry the torch of audio analog recording, and will continue to produce and distribute the tapes for audio engineers and archivists who like them for their technical and emotional properties.

16mm audio & leader films

17.5mm audio & leader films

35mm audio & leader films

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