Where to find recorded tapes, producers & sellers?

Below is a list on which tape recorders users can find any kind of music. Our brand RecordingTheMasters is proud to highlight the current identified actors in the duplication industry, apart from the tape brand used in the album manufacturing process. Our mission is to provide access for our loyal customers and the others audiophiles to contents.

We are not responsible for one of those companies’ copyright issues with their customers & artists. However, if one of them is suspected of threatening the artists work, we are comitted to remove its name from this list.

By name:

The Analog-Boutique-Label 2INCH-RECORDS invites outstanding musicians + fans to straight2tape® and releases this highlights on limited, hand signed vinyl and master tape. No computer, no edits, no frills! Pure realtime analog live productions of todays artists – created together with music lovers & artists.

2Track Masters is dedicated to bringing new and exciting independent artists to reel-to-reel enthusiasts. All of our albums are made on demand from the original unmastered stereo mixdowns and mastered directly to tape through an all analog signal chain. Our current artist roster represents several genres already (Alt Country, Indie Rock, Hip Hop, and Electronica), and we strive to provide additional diversity with each new title.

Based in Montreal and created by audiophile sound engineer René Laflamme and producer André Perry. All 2xHD Tapes are from the original analog master and transfer in analog domain using a Nagra-T tape recorder, modified with high-end tube playback electronics, wired from the playback head.  In the high end audio world, René has carved out a reputation for definition of excellence and uses his knowledge and unfailing instinct to match various audio components to create the best all-encompassing sound experience. The company plans to release a new title every 2 months.

AC Records Studio is a recording company which value the fantastic analog sound and the highest quality of the releases produced in the studio. AC Records Studio makes music in the best studios using only analogue techniques, with valve and ribbon microphones and valve amplifiers.

We are an Italian company dedicated to the duplication and digitalization of music audio tapes. In our laboratory we can transfer both analogue and digital tapes from all existing formats, up to 24 tracks on 2 inches. We can also restore and recover any kind of damaged tapes including those affected by ’sticky shed syndrome’, performing a specific baking treatment.

From Acoustic Sounds Inc., the world leader in audiophile music sales, comes the highest quality analog reel-to-reel album reissues: Analogue Productions Ultra Tape! Each  album is a 15 ips, ¼-inch 2-track (½ track) analog tape copy (IEC equalization) sourced from a copy of the original master tape. Transferred real-time, using an ATR-modified Ampex Tape Machine with flux magnetic heads. Each copy is housed in a custom slipcase cover. The entire series is available by subscription, as well as individual titles.

Analogy Records produces contemporary artists at its recording studio, distributing original master tapes. Instead of producing copies from any pre-existing master, for each order, directly from the multi-track recording system, a master is mixed down, thus removing an additional stage. No first generation copies but only original Master Tapes, in order to ensure the best listening experience ever. Analogy Records produces artists from different musical genres, such as jazz, pop, classical, folk, world music, contemporary music and others.

15 ips Special Edition Sampler tape made by Analogy Records for Ballfinger on Studiomaster SM 900. With exclusive and unreleased contents, from jazz to pop to world to contemporary. Premium line packaging, aluminum flange, custom box and booklet.

Base2 Music produces records in the Analogue domain onto Reel to Reel during their recording sessions of mostly pipe Organs in famous Cathedrals in Europe. The masters are copied one to one and provided in two or one album packages on 15 ips 10 inch reels.

The double LP program ‘Klangraumwelten’ presenting classical masterpieces from 4 centuries produced by Dabringhaus&Grimm is already well recognized. Nearly all titles are also available on two mastertape copies and enable the audiophile to judge the origin of the signal before it comes to vinyl or CD. In licence of Dabringhaus&Grimm we can offer their complete catalogue of classical music as mastertape copies.

Chasing The Dragon has become known as one of the leading audiophile record labels. Their music includes chamber orchestra, full orchestra, big band jazz and HiFi demonstration LPs, CDs  and downloads. They run 1/2 inch master tape recorded at 30 inches per second, from which they release their copy masters.

Lyn Stanley’s line of jazz vocal reel-to-reel tapes are considered among the finest available today.  These analog original studio master tapes are from 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch 30ips as new recordings created in legendary studios with top jazz musicians–mixed and mastered by multi-Grammy winning engineers. Label: A.T. Music LLC

We are a team of analog audio engineers dedicated to highest sound quality. We produce a variety of genres, with a focus on jazz & classic, using our own upgrades of top notch equipment, including customized Studer and Stellavox tape machines, hand crafted ESL monitors.  Pure direct-to-tape recording – no processing, limiting, compression and equalization. The outstanding sound quality of our gear upgrades and tapes has been known for years, e.g. by the 2012 High Fidelity Special Award for Best Sound.

For more than two decades, Omad Records has helped develop and build the careers of exceptionally authentic recording artists. Transferred in real time from original masters at 15 IPS on 1/4 “ tape to Studer B67 tape machine. Produced by John DeNicola. Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound.

Our goal is to bring back the great artists to the pleasure of the performance of the best classical authors in very prestigious venues. Totally analog recording, from microphones to your recorder. Stereo mixing in real time, mechanical editing, tapes mastering and finally your incredible master tapes distribution!

Opus 3 Records was founded in 1976 and was one of the first Audiophile Recording companies in the world! Until year 2000, we recorded everything strictly 2 channel analog and with the Blumlein recording method. We made 54 full albums (2 reels each and on 15ips, CCIR) and out of those, we also offer 8 samplers on one reel – 6 with mixed music, one with only Classical, one with only Jazz and one with only Blues music. Our musical genres are: Blues, Jazz, World Music and Classical.

We are a team of professionals united by one big idea: giving the opportunity for everyone to listen high quality musical material! We sincerely believe that recording on magnetic tape will never be a thing of the past, and will remain the best option for those who want unsurpassed sound quality! People can check online our beautiful packaging, listen the preview and order our releases on any format.

Rhapsody Analog Recordings (RAR) is a contemporary audiophile record label that produces analog recordings using recording principles and techniques that produced the distinctive sound of the sensational recordings from the 1950’s and 1960’s with a modern approach. With the use of the most highest possible equipment and the recording studio 2 (MCO) where Miles Davis,Ella Fitzgerald etc. recorded. We sell direct copy’s of the Master Tape, LP’s and high-res files, mostly Jazz,blues.

PURE Analog Original Master Tape Direct-to-2-Track Professional Recordings by SEPEA Audio. We are using for on-site recordings sonically neutral Sonosax SX-T mixing console, Sonodore RCM 402 & DPA 2006 microphones to capture every detail from the stage. Variety of vintage Neumann, AKG and Geffel microphones can be used if different sound character is required. No EQs, dynamic processors or artificial reverbs are used. Main recorders are 2 pcs of 1/2″ Studer A80 RC, running at 30 ips. RTM SM900 tapes are used exclusively.

As a professional studio, our engineers provide superior recording and sound playback qualities for artists. The construction of a brand-new recording studio facility was finished in 2018, and right away it became one of the most attractive music recording places. The Smart Audio Recording Lab team plans to release a new title with a dedication to highest sound quality using top-notch sound equipment, other analog gear. Music genres: Blues, Jazz, World Music, Classical and others.

We are a Dutch company that has more than 50 years of expertise in professional analog recordings. We only use the very best tapes: RecordingTheMasters’ LPR35 for recording, mastering and making copies from our music tapes. We supply our finished product on our famous golden alu reels which are thicker with five screws on the hub. Our masters are played back by a Nagra T to a bank of 6 Philips N4522. We are very famous for our MW Coding Process sound as it gives a smooth dynamic sound.

Tapemusic is a division of RN AUDIO, Bottrop, Germany, which does audiophile classical recordings for about 40 years. Since April 2020 this highly accepted great music is also available on Master Tapes with a lot of absolutely pleased customers. Even professional music reviewers write enthusiastic comments both on music and recording quality.

Tone-Pearls Records is a non-profit atelier of music researchers and music lovers devoted to recreating the original experience of live concerts.

In 2021 they won the silver medal for fully analog mastering production of Branka Parlics Satie Album! Triston Master Recordings powered by SCHOPPER third generation in the analogue domain with passion for vintage analogue high-fidelity gear and equipment. They are a Swiss label living with analogue music reproduction since 1923 in a professional studio, and only use the very best audiotapes: RTM’ SM911 for master recording, first-generation duplication and making copies from high-quality master tapes.

TRJ Records Label contemporary jazz style formed in  2007  although they have  been working in this field  since 1989 with various  experiences in the music industry . They decided to launch a studio to release the works of their artists. True-blue believers in Analog, some of our reproduction has been  available in Original Master Stereo Tape since 2012. Analog is  the  best professional audio support; it has been used for many years and have been part of the history of music. Our recordings are strictly “in session” without any digital manipulation for most of our catalog.

UltraAnalogue Recordings records classical chamber music in a natural acoustic with custom tubed electronics throughout the recording and playback chains. “Reference-quality recordings with breathtaking transparency, seemingly perfect tonal balance and beautiful timbre.” Jim Hannon – The Absolute Sound

Yarlung makes individual tapes using SonoruS vacuum tube tape decks. Jonathan Valin comments: “Your tapes are, IMO, the best of a surprisingly large lot of brand-new R2Rs, both in sound and musicianship. Your artists and mastering team are to be commended on superlative work..” . Writing in Mono and Stereo High-End, Carlos Guzmán enthuses: “the sound of this production is exquisite. A great ambience is captured in this tape and the effortless flow of music is graciously submitted with precision and focus.”

Zavalinka Records is based out of Moscow, Russia, the brainchild of Nikolai Kazantsev and his daughter Maria. This duo recently made a big splash at the Munich 2018 High-End Show with the debut of their first recording of works by Wieniawski and Astor Piazzolla. Currently Zavalinka Records is offering more than 13 titles including rock, classical and jazz music. All the recordings are pure analogue.