MYSTIK: the modern cassette player – 06/03/2020


MYSTIK by RecordingtheMasters is a project that we are currently fundraising for on Kickstarter by taking pre-orders for the device. MYSTIK will be a modern day analog cassette player with a focus on quality audio playback.


What will make MYSTIK a modern day player is that it will have a rechargeable battery that allows it to take power from the outlet, meaning that one will not have to purchase disposable batteries. MYSTIK will also have an optional Bluetooth feature, meaning that when using the device you will have a switch that allows you to connect to Bluetooth headphones or speaker. It will be utilizing the latest in Bluetooth 5.0 technology. For those who prefer to keep a fully wired connection to maintain a pure analog signal or simply to use wired headphones, there will also be a standard 3.5mm headphone jack that one can plug in at all time.

The MYSTIK portable cassette player will also have the ability to record onto blank cassette tapes, meaning that one can make their own mixtapes if desired.



Because we are crowdfunding on Kickstarter, we will only be able to make the devices if we achieve our goal of 50,000 Euros. As such, we count on your support for this project and to share it with any others who may be interested in purchasing a device. To thank you for your early support, we are offering discounts on the device during the pre-order Kickstarter stage. The first 100 devices will have the highest discount, but all devices purchased during the pre-order phase will have a discount compared to the final retail price. If the fundraising is successful, we hope to manufacture and ship the device by September of 2020.



Get more information about the device on our dedicated mini website: Mystik-by-RTM

Pledge on our Kickstarter : Kickstarter Fundraising

Access to the Press Release here


Long Live Analog!