AES Berlin 2017 Report

The 142nd AES Convention in Berlin was a great success! Thank you to all our visitors and clients we have met and talked with.


AES Convention in Berlin was the best opportunity for our customers to discover RecordingTheMasters products, demo our new KERWAX Replica and share with our team their passion for sound and music. Frédéric Ménétrier, Product Manager for audio tapes and KERWAX products and Théo Gardin, Sales Representative, were delighted to meet many of you, and receive such a great support and positive feedback on our products!



Audio tape


When it comes to audio, some aspects of analog technology introduce artifacts and distortion that lie at the heart of the idea of “analog warmth”. The technical limitations and imperfections of analog systems have become an integral part of the quality of recorded sounds we all grew up with: each formulation offers like a painter pallet of different colors and sound differently. Magnetic tapes have proven themselves to be outstanding as robust, stable carriers for music recording; it is without doubt a long lived archive material for your critical masters.


Two prototypes of our new hinged packaging were presented to our visitors and they have received excellent comments. Our professional audio tapes are Made in France and we are continuously improving our manufacturing and quality control processes to deliver the best tape possible to our clients.


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Perforated audio tape


RecordingTheMasters is proud to carry the torch of analog audio for the cinema industry. We introduced our new perforated audio tape catalog at the AES Berlin Convention. We manufacture all major perforated audio tape references that are recognized worldwide and used in the film industry and archive to duplicate deteriorating masters to new, high-reliability media.


We offer classic 16 mm, 17,5 mm and 35 mm perforated audio tapes, as well as blue, white and clear perforated leader tape. T12, T14 and T44 coatings are available depending on the references, on various hub sizes.


Our RecordingTheMasters perforated audio tape range of products was showcased for the first time at a major professional audio event and have received excellent reception!


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KERWAX Replica


To extend its commitment to analog audio, RecordingTheMasters has joined forces with KERWAX Studio – located in Brittany, France – to create the ultimate dual-channel tube line preamplifier, built with the highest quality components.


Based on KERWAX Studios’ unique custom-built 24-channel tube mixing console, the Replica is an amazing creative tool: it can be used to warm-up the sound and explore other territories in terms of distortion and saturation with the Drive function. The vacuum tubes are exchangeable on the front panel, thanks to this unique design, which allows you to try different sound combinations. The Bias control offers another layer of fine adjustment to get the desired sound that can’t be recreated on today’s digital products.


We also announced the new price of the KERWAX Replica: you get the same quality as before for 2,492 € only (VAT & shipping excl.). We are confident this will help professionals and semi-professionals benefit from its exceptional sound qualities. A very limited of hand-signed machines are still available on our online store!


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The AES Berlin Convention was a great moment to share with our visitors. We strive to make our customers happy and provide excellent recording products. If you have any question, please contact us. We will do our best to help.


Thank you for your continuous support,


– The RTM Team