LPR 90 Contest Results

Our LPR 90 contest has received a tremendous reception!

Thank you to all our faithful customers worldwide that have participated in our competition to win a free 1/4″ LPR 90 tape.


LPR 90 is the newest addition to our RTM tapes family. Introduced in 2016 with great success, it is a long-play run tape with excellent technical properties and which formula is similar to our flagship SM 900. Thinner, it allows a longer recording time and slower recording speed while retaining the same audio qualities of its elder, for a budget price. Learn more about the LPR 90


100 lucky winners have been randomly selected: if your name appears on the list below, your local dealer will contact you soon to retrieve your free 1/4″ LPR 90 tape (ref. R38511, 7″ 549m Trident with Hinged Box). Feel free to share your prize on our official Facebook page: send us a photo with your new LPR 90 and it will be reposted!



And the winners are…

Australia Bala Ganesh Chandra
Australia Cameron Herbert
Australia Shannon Smith
Austria Johann Berger
Austria Rudolf Jagersberger
Austria Benedikt Kittinger
Belgium Marc Detremerie
Belgium Andy Vanlerberghe
Bulgaria Iva Yankova
Canada James Anderson
Canada Mike Brazeau
Canada Michel Donais
Canada Michael Girard
Canada Lukas Glickman
Canada Aaron Goldstein
Canada Peter Ker
Canada Helena Sandhu
France Laurent Chauche
France Georges Chirita
France Clemens Hourriere
France Thierry Martin
France Constantin Maschas
Germany Michael Bentrup
Germany Ralf Birnstiel
Germany Robert Harandt
Germany Heiko Herzog
Germany Martin Rueschoff
Germany Dennis Rux
Germany Harald Scherer
Germany Andreas Schmidt
Germany Torsten Zunker
Israel Omri Matityahu
Italy Carlo Cantini
Italy Giovambattista Currado
Italy Graziano Perini
Italy Luca Tacconi
Netherlands Kaliber Kunstenschool
Netherlands Dennis Pasop
Netherlands Robert Vonk
Netherlands Ronald Wanders
Netherlands Fritz de With
Russia Nikolay Efremov
Russia Konstantin Kryuchkov
Russia Igor Kudryashov
Russia Oleg Lemiaskin
Russia Daniel Maslovsky
Russia Vladimir Muravev
Russia Valeriy Presnyakov
Serbia and Montenegro Miroslav Antalic
Singapore Beckham Chek Sye Cheong
Slovakia Igor Rymarenko
Spain Luis Pla
Sri Lanka Navin Fernando
Sweden Sven Pernils
Switzerland David Hadzis
Switzerland Jan Sieber
Taiwan Jack Tsai
United Kingdom J.I. Agnew
United Kingdom Jason Baldock
United Kingdom Andrew Crossey
United Kingdom Jeff Hoyes
United Kingdom Hugh O’Neal
United Kingdom Matt Sartori
United States Stuart Bell
United States David Bialik
United States Doug Blair
United States Jody Boykin
United States Leslie Brooks
United States Mike Davis
United States Tim Dolbear
United States Bruce Douglas
United States Bob Duchane
United States Rhonda Dugger
United States Hudson Fair
United States Jed Fazwa
United States Braydon Germain
United States Brendon Harris
United States Richard Hattery
United States Jeffrey Hunt
United States Arian Jansen
United States Barry Kiefaber
United States Jeffrey Lonigro
United States Scott McEwen
United States Gary Nordeen
United States Mark Palmer
United States Don Quackenbush
United States Paul Roark
United States Steven Slusher
United States Steve Smith
United States Greg Snyder
United States Mike Sonka
United States John Szymanski
United States Patrick Timmins
United States Mark Tracy
United States Doug Van Sloun
United States Patrick Vaudo
United States Ron Walker
United States David Weil
United States Dana White
United States Jonathan Wyner


We strive to make our customers happy and provide excellent recording products. If you have any difficulties in collecting your free tape, please contact us. We will do our best to help.


Thank you for your continuous support,


– The RTM Team