Hardstudios chooses the KERWAX Replica

Hardstudios AG, one of the largest and most renowned recording studios in Switzerland, has selected the KERWAX Replica, a 2-channel line tube preamp, for its natural compression, saturation and distortion, which bring unique colors and textures that can’t be found in today’s digital audio products. Learn more about the Replica


Michael Brändli (pictured above) is one of the sound engineers who has tested and adopted the KERWAX Replica. The formerly trained electronics engineer and guitarist has been an integral part of Hardstudios for more than 10 years. In addition to studios with young aspiring bands, he has made a name for himself over the last few years in the field of mastering.



Why choosing the Replica?
“As an engineer grown up in the digital domain, I feel like the Replica pulls me back to a time I have never been. The machine gives me the ability to warm up and glue my stems or mixes in a way a plugin is not able to. If the tone of the machine doesn’t fit to your project, just change the tubes in the front panel and make it fit.”


“For mixing, I use it most of the time in the L/R mode or mono for mono signals. Taming midrange of guitars or controlling the low end of a bass guitar while working with the input tube bias is very easy with the Replica. Because every tube is a little different, it can be difficult to keep the mid of a stereo signal in L/R mode. If keeping the Mid in place is needed, the M/S mode solves that problem. I use the M/S mode for stereo signals like drum overheads, keys, a full mix or in mastering. The Kerwax Replica always adds a warm tone and magic deepness in space to the signal you process.”


Why did you buy it?
“I did already work with tube line preamps in my mixing process. But the access to the circuit you get on the front panel and the ability to change the tubes very quickly makes the Replica very special. I think the Replica is a fresh new idea with a strong philosophy standing behind, a philosophy I like.”



“Since almost 30 years, all kind of projects and bands found their way to those amazing, daylight-flooded studios close to Zurich. Composed of three studios, all of them are optimized for an individual process like recording, mix or mastering. Studio A has a 150m2 recording room that can be divided in four separate booths if needed, a Steinway D grand piano stands by. Studio B is a smaller control Room for mixing with a small booth for overdub recordings. Studio C, the mastering suite, has an extremely well controlled acoustic for mixing and mastering.”