ABC Records promote RecordingTheMasters’ tapes

ABC records promote RecordingTheMasters (MULANN Group) and offer tape recording services. ABC Records developed professional audio tape recording to highlight analog audio for audiophiles in China. Fully equipped with Studer reel to reel master recorders, ABC Records provide the best audio quality with SM911 tapes to seduce audio high-end market.



For the first time RecordingTheMasters attended the High-End Audio Show in Guangzhou November 18>20, 2016, China.


About RecordingTheMasters
RecordingTheMaster manufactures and distributes professional audio tapes for recording engineers and audiophiles, providing superior recording and sound playback qualities.

About ABC Records
ABC Records established in 2002, is recording and distributing audio magnetic tapes in China. Over the years ABC records built its own in-house capability to record, mix, replicate audio tapes.