AM Belgium partners with RecordingTheMasters

AM Belgium partners with RecordingTheMasters (MULANN Group) to offer new-manufactured high quality magnetic heads.

The audio fidelity does not only depend on electronics but mostly on heads and tape quality. If you want to benefit from the best recording and playback capabilities offered by RTM Tapes, you should install high-end new-manufactured audio heads.

AM Belgium produces heads for Studer and Revox, part of an extensive catalogue covering many references. Using MuMetal and Vitrovac core material, they provide two head types butterfly (DIN) and standard (NAB). They regularly manufacture heads for ¼” and ½” recorders and, on request, for 2″ 24-track.

RecordingTheMasters is happy to partner with AM Belgium. All heads are hand-made in Belgium and provide the best audio quality possible for professional operation.


About RecordingTheMasters
RecordingTheMasters manufactures and distributes professional audio tapes for recording engineers and audiophiles, providing superior recording and sound playback qualities.


About AM Belgium
AM Belgium established in 1969, now a Belgian independent company is designing and manufacturing professional magnetic heads for various applications. Over the years, AM Belgium developed its own in-house capability to design, prototype, manufacture and market professional magnetic heads for a large variety of applications.


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